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By Erich Pratt

The more time passes in the wake of the terrible mass murder in Uvalde, the more damning details emerge that enrage everyday Americans.
You may have heard that a desperate mother was restrained by police outside the school, or that a father tried to rally support for charging in while the authorities stayed outside as the shots continued to ring out.  But possibly the worst story emerged earlier this week.
We learned that a local man witnessed the Uvalde shooter crash his car, and when he stepped out to check on him in the aftermath, he was quickly met with gunfire.  After escaping to safety unharmed, the man retrieved his own firearm and returned to the scene prepared to fight.  Instead, he was met by a police officer outside the school and ordered “to stay back and shut up.”
This disturbing story is an example of the failure of gun control policy, where the government strips a good person of the ability to defend himself, or in this case, to defend young innocent school children.  
In contrast to what we saw in Texas and to what the mainstream media and Democrat politicians would have you believe, good people armed with their own weapons can and do make

Source: Gun Owners of America

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