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By Chris Eger

Although funded in a $20 million campaign, Question 1 was only narrowly approved by voters and has been in a holding pattern since 2016 after the state attorney general deemed it unenforceable. (Photo: Nevadans for Background Checks)
A Bloomberg-backed group is moving forward with an appeal of a lawsuit to enact a dormant gun control measure narrowly approved by Nevadans in 2016.
Dale Zusi, Vicki Delatorre, and Sydney Gordon are members of the group Nevadans For Background Checks, the organization that fronted the $20 million Question 1 ballot initiative funded in large part by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
The three, filing as individuals, kicked off a legal challenge last year against Gov. Brian Sandoval and Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt to move forward with implementing the approved initiative, which Laxalt had labeled unenforceable.
Last month, Clark County District Court Judge Joe Hardy Jr. characterized the arguments used by the measure’s supporters as “fundamentally flawed,” and rejected the challenge.
“This case centers of the failure of the executive branch of the State of Nevada to enforce legislation enacted via ballot initiative by a majority of Nevada voters,” says the statement of appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court filed by the advocates Wednesday.
“Due to Governor


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