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By Robert Farago

“There are three basic projectiles that can be fired from a handgun,” Colin D Penny writes at, “the first being the conventional pointed bullet. When this strikes a body it will usually pass through. If it does not strike a vital organ it is rarely life threatening.” Mr. Penny sure sounds authoritative. I wonder why he neglects to mention that a “conventional pointed bullet” that severs a carotid artery can kill you in about six minutes? I’m thinking ignorance. Which is stunning considering . . .

that all the information Mr. Penny would need to verify his claim re: the survivability of a conventional (or any other) handgun round can be obtained via Google. Or, I dunno, asking someone who knows. The wider point: gun control advocates depend on willful ignorance to promote their agenda. They have to close their eyes and plug their ears. Like this:

The second [projectile] is the so called rubber bullet. These are often used for crowd control, since they can be very painful to the victim and I understand will cause a significant bruise. These are the ideal bullets for homeowner protection. (It should be added …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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