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By Chris Eger

An event by neighborhood organizers in San Francisco last weekend netted 187 gun and gun-like objects. The gun “buyback,” the seventh annual event organized by United Playaz, offered $100 cash for handguns and $200 for guns considered “assault weapons,” no question’s asked.
The firearms were handled by the San Francisco and are destined to be melted down to make shovels. In the above from ABC7, they show off a (we hope) homemade shotgun that seems to consist of a portion of 2×4 piece of lumber, some zip-ties and a length of capped pipe.
For reference, we believe this gun is completely unrelated to Hi-Point Firearms Also, check out what looks to be a tourist-quality jezail muzzleloader from the Middle East in the van, resting atop an M1 Carbine. (Photos: SFPD)
The homebrew shotgun resembles a 1995 piece of modern art entitled Hecho en Switzerland, which was reportedly crafted by artist Tom Sachs for pocket change then sold to a New York City buyback for $300, an act that became the stuff of gun culture legend.
According to the SFPD, the group bought 187 guns, including 57 pistols, 44 revolvers, 11 assault weapons and three shotguns. “The police department really encourages the public to encourage


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