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By David Codrea

Even assuming gun-grabbers aren’t being deceptive when they tell us who they consider “developed,” which they are, what does that have to do with your right to keep and bear arms? (UN Human Development index)

U.S.A. –( “The Florence, South Carolina, shooting shows America’s gun problem hurts police too,” a Thursday hit piece on the right to keep and bear arms in “liberal-leaning” Vox declares. “If you’re worried about police getting killed in the line of duty, look at America’s easy access to guns.”


“[P]olice officers in America may be uniquely susceptible to shootings, relative to other developed nations, due to the US’s abundance of guns,” the “explanation” goes. “But in America, they may be more likely to run into a person who is armed and could open fire — so these kinds of deadly incidents may happen more often.”

OK, so evidently the Founders were wrong about what was “necessary to the security of a free State,” and the Bill of Rights needs to defer to making sure government enforcers are the ones protected. It’s curious though because “progressives” then turn around and decry “police racism” and shootings of “people of color.” If you really …Read the Rest

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