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By Lee Williams

Lee’s Note: This guest column was written by my friend Chris Brooks, an armorer and longtime gun-rights advocate based in Southwest Florida. When I first became interested in modern sporting rifles there were two AR-15s on the market, Colt and Bushmaster.Due to the Clinton ‘assault weapons” ban (AWB), some features that we now take for granted weren’t available, and we had to use old magazines because only government employees could purchase newly manufactured mags.Somehow, despite the ban, I was able to buy my very own Bushmaster complete with A2 front sight post and carry handle. It was an unwieldy and largely unreliable thing that’s primary appeal was its appearance.AWB endsIn 2004, the AWB expired ending the prohibition on standard-capacity magazine sales and a full array of features and accessories became available to the public.As much as I enjoyed the restoration of my 2nd amendment rights, the U.S. military was the primary beneficiary of a fully functional and competitive commercial marketplace.At the beginning of the global war on terror the U.S. military issued M4s that were very similar to the boring Bushmaster I owned.The Department of Defense scrambled to cobble together equipment for troops engaged in combat ranging from urban areas

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