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The National Shooting Sports Foundation has named Bearing Arms Editor Jenn Jacques their latest Local Champion for her work advocating gun safety in her community of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The foundation recognized Jacques for her promotion of its Project ChildSafe program as part of their S.A.F.E. Summer campaign, which aims to teach children about essential rules for safe firearm handling and proper storage.

“My goal is to make more people aware of how true gun safety programs like NSSF’s Project ChildSafe can and do save lives,” Jacques said. “Project ChildSafe provides great tools for parents to use at home as children learn the rules of gun safety, including firearm safety kits, informational videos and educator resources.”

Jacques is a longtime supporter of Project ChildSafe’s message, writing often on the need to teach children and parents gun safety measures, discussing ways tragic shootings could have been prevented with the tools ProjectSafe provides and sharing information on social media to engage others.

S.A.F.E is an acronym for the following best practices: “Store your firearms responsibly when not in use; Always practice firearm safety; Focus on your responsibilities as a firearm owner; and Education is key to …Read the Rest

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