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By Brandon Curtis

If you follow gun politics, you are probably aware of the few states that have the hardest gun control laws on the books. With the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act on it’s way to a potential reality, some of those state representatives are starting to speak their mind.

The state at the top of the fearful list is none other than my home state of New York. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. It’s not really the STATE of New York, but rather New York City. The state, as a whole, doesn’t really have a problem with armed citizens. There are a few pockets in the state that push back hard and because of the population density, they take the rest of the state with them when it comes to elections and legislation.

For those unfamiliar with the pending legislation, here is what it aims to accomplish: If enacted, the bill would allow anyone with a concealed carry permit from their state, to carry in any other state in the Country. It’s fairy simple, and would act like a drivers license. The big difference, however, is important. Being that permits would still be issued on the state level, the permitting system would …Read the Rest

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