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By Rob Morse

Crane eater church

By Rob Morse

Slow Facts

Louisiana- ( What should we do? We are in an ongoing culture war. Responsibility is out. Victim-hood is in. Earning your own way is out of fashion. Demanding the government pay you is the new normal. Freedom of speech, freedom of religious expression such as marriage, and the right of self-defense are the cultural canaries in our political ecology. Those rights are attacked first.

What should we do? I’m profoundly disappointed in our political leaders. You are too if you’ve been paying attention. So called conservative politicians have put up the weakest defense of our rights. The Republican leadership are pacifists in this cultural conflict. That is bad. We see cultural cleansing where liberal politicians want to eliminate a conservative culture. The reason is simple. Liberal politicians want to stamp out conservatives to secure their political majority. We are past foolish to depend on politicians to defend our freedoms. What should we do?

Other people are more qualified to speak about free speech and religious freedom. I can address the right of self-defense.

Liberal politicians rationalize their …read more

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