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By Chris Eger

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility has been collecting signatures over the past several weeks across the state but now a legal challenge has been filed over the petitions used in the process. (Photo: AGR)
As supporters of I-1639 have nearly completed their signature drive to put a list of gun restrictions in front of voters in the Fall, Second Amendment groups have filed legal challenges.
The 30-page ballot referendum, backed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, would mandate new guidelines for semi-auto rifles under state law including fees, training requirements, waiting periods and additional background checks going beyond federal guidelines. However, the group now faces a lawsuit filed in the Washington State Supreme Court over the very petitions used to gather some 260,000 signatures to get the initiative certified by state officials.
“We publicly warned the initiative sponsors about these problems and they ignored us,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, one of the gun rights groups behind the challenge. “We are now taking the issue to the state high court to seek a declaratory judgment and injunction.”
According to court documents asking the Washington Secretary of State to invalidate I-1639, the petitions circulated by paid canvassing groups working for AGR


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