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By Tom Knighton

As the city of Pittsburgh considers enacting gun control legislation in defiance of state law, pro-gun groups are digging in for the fight to come.

It seems likely that the measures will pass the city council vote easily enough. Urban centers like Pittsburgh have a tendency lean left politically, after all, so it’s unlikely there’s sufficient opposition to the proposal. If there is, it’s only in that the lawmakers opposing it know it’ll never stand.

That means the new gun control laws will pass.

That also means the inevitable lawsuit, which one group is already threatening to file.

Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League and Firearm Owners Against Crimes warned City Council and the mayor Monday that if the proposal passes, they will take legal action.

Read a portion of the letter sent to the city below:

“In the event Pittsburgh enacts these proposed unlawul ordinances, ACSL and FOAC are prepared to take legal action against the City, which will result in substantial additional burdens on the taxpayers…”

The proposals introduced in City Council include a ban on assault weapons, a ban on accessories, ammunition and weapon modifications.

Also being proposed is the city’s version of what sounds like red flag protective orders.

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