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By Patriot Outdoor News

Is it humane?

Following the controversial shooting of a dog in New Hampshire by its owner, advocates are pushing to ban the use of guns for euthanasia.

The group, Justice for Bruno, takes their name from that of a brown-and-white, mixed breed dog who was found dead in the Berlin area, shot four times by its owner. Bruno’s owner, who adopted the dog from a local shelter, advised the animal had on multiple times bitten a child and, after trying but ultimately failing in an attempt to give the dog away via Facebook, put the animal down.

While police investigated the matter, in the end the owner was not charged, as it is not illegal to euthanize personal animals that are sick, old, dangerous, or unwanted in New Hampshire. This has the animal rights advocates now seeking to make it a felony to shoot a pet in the state.

“It was done in such a cruel manner. The dog was shot multiple times and left to die,” said Katie Treamer, one of the founders of Justice for Bruno. “In this day and age, it’s just not a responsible way to euthanize a pet.”

In September, Treamer started a petition for the drive that has …Read the Rest

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