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By Nick Leghorn


Silencers are really gaining traction these days, but there’s still a bit of a barrier to entry for quiet newbies. Cans are expensive, and the processing time for the ATF paperwork is enough to keep most people from even trying. One of the nifty trends of the last couple years is the idea of a modular silencer — buy one silencer, pay one tax stamp, and suppress as many guns as possible. Both Jeremy S. and I have the Liberty Mystic-X for this specific reason. SilencerCo launched their Omega with a similar concept, but only designed for rifle calibers with no pistol mounting options or cleaning for rimfire cartridges. Even AAC is trying to get into the game. For my money though, Griffin Armament looks like they’ve got a winner on their hands in this space.

One serialized tube. One registered part. With that one Griffin Armament Optimus silencer, you get everything from a direct thread .22lr rifle silencer to a 9mm handgun (with Neilsen device) and even a .300 Win Mag rated can. Oh, and it comes apart for cleaning. Even the Mystic-X is only rated through 5.56 NATO …Read the Rest

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