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By Jacki Billings

The V4, left, and V3, right, are the latest to enter Grey Ghost Precision’s slide series. (Photo: Grey Ghost Precision)
Grey Ghost Precision announces new slide patterns, the V3 and V4, for its GGP-19 and GGP-17 aftermarket Glock slide series
The V3 and V4 further the goals of the V1 and V2 slides by introducing a hybrid MRDS cut. While the predecessors offered a Trijicon RMR cut, the V3 and V4 bring a modified optic footprint to work alongside the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. The V3 and V4 ship with three pairs of screws for mounting the Leupold DPP, Trijicon RMR or the G10 RMR cover plate.
“As it turns out, the DPP and RMR share a similar front profile without the bolt patterns intersecting each other. The primary difference in the footprints are overall length, but GGP resolved this with an ingenious aluminum shim plate for use with the shorter RMR,” Grey Ghost Precision said in a news release. “The result is dual compatibility right out of the box, without the need for bulky adapter plates that raise the optic further above the bore axis.”
The V3 for Glock 19 pistols. (Photo: Grey Ghost Precision)
Additionally, the V3 and V4 deliver new patterns for a


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