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By Nick Leghorn


Here at the Gun Rights Policy Conference there has been quite a bit of speechifyin’. Most of it is stuff we already know — the various gun rights organizations generally do a good job of keeping us in the loop, so I’ve been spending most of my time browsing Reddit and schmoozing with the other attendees rather than paying close attention to the substance of most of the speakers. But there’s been one notable theme I have picked up on while browsing amusing cat pictures: Michael Bloomberg . . .

In general things are going quite well. Even Calguns’ Brandon Combs was reporting progress in getting traditionally anti-gun populations to see the light. We seem to be gaining more ground than we are losing. But every single speech has referenced Michael Bloomberg as the one unknown quantity that has the possibility to reverse all the hard work these (real) grassroots movements have accomplished. They refer to it as the “Bloomberg problem,” but it goes much further than that.

Michael Bloomberg is definitely an issue. One filthy rich individual who feels the need to force his opinions on the American people using lies, deception, and more money than anyone else can bring to …read more

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