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By Brandon Curtis

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — An innocent bystander was thrown into a dangerous confrontation between police and a knife-wielding gang member, and she was taken hostage by the hardened criminal when police closed in.

That bystander, 49-year-old Elizabeth Tollison, was standing next to a building with the help of a walker. That’s when 32-year-old Guillermo Perez made the decision to hold her hostage with a knife to her neck when police were getting too close.

The video is extremely graphic and shows not only Perez, but Tollison losing her life as well. Police were forced to fire on Perez in the hopes of stopping his attack on Tollison.

At first, Perez was using a folding chair as a shield from the police. They were firing bean bags via shotgun in an attempt to get things under control.

Shortly after, Perez decided that he had no way out, and did what any cold-blooded thug would do; he decided to bring an innocent bystander into the chaos he caused and hold her hostage with a knife to her throat.

Witnesses and police say that Perez began cutting the woman’s neck shortly after taking her hostage.

At this point, police had no choice but to use …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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