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By Chris Eger

Virginia has tried to ration guns off and on since 1748, and the latest attempt, set to take effect in July, is the subject of a lawsuit. (Photo: Chris Eger/
A Northern Virginia woman, with the help of pro-gun groups, is taking the state government to court over a new law that limits handgun sales to one per month.
Valerie Trojan, a Goochland County grandmother, wants to purchase several identical handguns this summer– possibly as presents for family members– but would be prevented from doing so by a looming new law that rations such sales to one in a 30-day period. Although a local FFL, Brothers N Arms, wants to order such guns for Trojan, they are likewise prevented from selling them to her unless the transfers are staggered out over time, a prospect the licensed dealer says interferes with their lawful commerce.
Trojan and Brothers N Arms, therefore, joined with the Virginia Citizens Defense League and Gun Owners of America to take the state to court, filing a 33-page complaint this week in Goochland County Circuit Court naming the head of the Superintendent of the Virginia State Police as a defendant.
The legal action challenges the pending gun control measure on Second Amendment grounds,


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