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By Bob Owens


Former President Bill Clinton, best known for a failed gun ban, his legalistic parsing of the word “is,” using his intern as humidor and accusations of raping women across four decades, has thankfully brought his extensive close-quarters saxophone training to bear on the important subject of the Islamic terrorist attack in a gay night club in Orlando this past Sunday.

Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that more people would have died in the terrorist attack at a nightclub in Orlando over the weekend if clubgoers had been armed and shot back at the lone gunman.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the former president was asked to respond to Donald Trump‘s claim that fewer people would have died at the club if they had firearms.

“Did you see how dark it was?” Clinton said. “It’s likely that more people would have been killed.”

I hate to point out the obvious, but Bill Clinton knows more about marital fidelity than he does stopping an active terrorist threat.

Fortunately, I have access to actual experts, and it just so happens that I contacted four of them and got their thoughts on the Islamic terror attack in Orlando, including whether a concealed carrier could …Read the Rest

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