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By Justin Stakes

Connecticut Carry

Response to Malloy’s Continued Attack On Due Process

Connecticut Carry

Hartford, CT -( Governor Dannel Malloy has once again announced that, through his emotional puppet Lt. Gov. Wyman, he will pursue legislation that would erode the right to due process in Connecticut, as well as the rights of the citizens of Connecticut to armed defense. His first effort towards this end for this legislative session will be HB 5450.

Evident in the last legislative session, Malloy and Wyman’s proposal was to prohibit possession and confiscate the means to armed defense from anyone accused of any number of alleged ‘crimes’ in domestic violence situations without any due process; whether it be before a judge, jury or with any public transparency. This would also cast a broad net to sneakily and permanently confiscate the weapons and magazines that Malloy and the legislature sought to ban in the 2013 Gun Ban, as once they are transferred from the owner, they cannot be transferred back to the owner.

In the last legislative session in 2015, we watched as Governor Malloy, Lieutenant Governor Wyman and complicit members of the legislature were ‘educated’ onhow Temporary (Ex Parte) Restraining Orders are supposed to …Read the Rest

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