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By Roger Katz

Andrew Cuomo

The “Silent Majority” Versus Andrew Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Quest for Ultimate Power is to Be U.S. President.

USA – -( Andrew M. Cuomo, the 56th Governor of New York and present sitting Governor, seeks a third term in Office. He does so contemplating a run for the U.S. Presidency in 2020, as the Democratic Party nominee.

It is “Andrew M. Cuomo, 46th President of the United States,” that Cuomo sees in the mirror when he looks at himself; and, above all else, this is what he wishes for himself. With razor sharpness, Andrew Cuomo has set his sights on this ultimate prize. But, this must not happen! We cannot allow this to happen. The American people must stop Cuomo in his tracks. But to stop Andrew Cuomo, Americans must first understand Andrew Cuomo.


Andrew Cuomo is a self-complacent, ruthlessly ambitious, smugly self-assured man. He is the last of The Three Amigos,” all three of whom, under cover of darkness, spawned and machinated to secure enactment of the oppressive and reprehensible New York Safe Act—legislation that undercuts, and in its very conception is designed to undercut, the import and purport of the Second …Read the Rest

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