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By Ammoland

Gun Owners of America

ACTION: Urge your senators and your representative to keep up the heat in opposition to Obama’s anti-gun sentencing bills in Congress (S. 2123 and H.R. 3713).

Good News: Obama’s Anti-gun Sentencing Bill in Serious Trouble
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC -( Barack Obama thought he could get a cheap “bipartisan” victory over the “gun lobby.”

But after a blow-up in the Senate Republican caucus, Obama’s anti-gun sentencing bill might not be on the fast-track the way he was hoping.

And, once again, you — the Second Amendment community — have shown why Obama hates you more than ISIS.

Gun Owners of America wants to thank those of you who have taken action on our previous alerts which exposed the dangers of this anti-gun sentencing bill.

This legislation was supposed to be Barack Obama’s legacy-burnishing achievement. But your activism is making a difference against a sentencing bill that would increase prison sentences for gun-owning veterans and seniors by 50%.

See GOA’s longer analysis of the anti-gun provisions in this bill here.

Senators Cotton and Cruz Leading the Opposition

When Obama’s GOP supporters tried to rally the Senate Republican caucus around this anti-gun abomination, things exploded — thanks to the opposition “background noise” provided by GOA members …Read the Rest

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