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By Rebecca Jones

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Help GOA Fight Against Biden’s All-Out War on Hunters and Recreational Shooters
As we warned our members numerous times over the last few months, Joe Biden has instituted an all-out war against hunters and recreational shooters.
In my role as the National Director for Hunter Outreach, I have been following this issue very closely, and have been helping guide GOA’s response to Joe Biden’s unprecedented attacks on America’s hunters.

Over the course of this past summer, I wrote Op-Eds in The Washington Times exposing two high-profile examples of Biden’s War on hunters and recreational shooters including the banning of lead ammunition and the destruction of 58 year-old hunting and shooting programs available in many of America’s schools.
Click the following links to read the specifics about Biden’s Lead Ammunition Ban and Ban on Hunter Education and Shooting Teams in Schools.
This Administration will use any means necessary to destroy not only our traditional Second Amendment rights but also attack the American hunting and shooting traditions and stop the next generation of participants from entering these activities.
GOA has stepped up and been a national leader in

Source: Gun Owners of America

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