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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

3-Gun Nation's newest competition program is 3GN Precision
3-Gun Nation’s newest competition program is 3GN Precision

3-Gun NationU.S.A.-( 3-Gun Nation’s newest competition program is 3GN Precision, a challenging long-range shooting program designed to provide fun, challenging shooting competitions from the Club Series to the major match level.

3GN Precision incorporates the use of gas guns, bolt guns and includes some pistol work as well, delivering a dynamic match format to challenge competitors from up close out to beyond 1,000 yards. But make no mistake—the heart of this program is long-range shooting.

3GN Precision kicks off in 2017 with major matches, produced by 3GN, at venues across the country, from Florida in the Southeast to Bend, Oregon in the great Northwest. The program will mature into a series of events in 2018, culminating with a year-end National Championship.

For 2017, 3GN Membership will be free – included with the match fee to any non-member, to help get the program rolling.

3GN’s media will fully support 3GN Precision, bringing 3GN LIVE!, along with coverage from and 3GN Digital Magazine, to each and every 3GN Precision event.

For information or questions regarding events or rules, contact 3GN Precision Match Director Ryan Castle.

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