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By Chris Eger

For those who wanted a little extra than the 17, but less than the 33-rounder when it came to 9mm magazines, Glock has something new to smile about. (Photo: Glock)
Following a soft launch over the past several months, Glock is moving forward with a new mag offering for those who take their 9mm in a double stack.
Glock announced their new 24-cartridge capacity 9mm stick magazine on social media last Thursday, filling a gap between their legacy 17 and 33-round mags. “Time for a capacity upgrade. 24 round 9mm Glock mags with orange followers are now available,” noted the company.
As with other Glock mags, the new entry is polymer-encased with a steel insert and rear witness holes. The mag fits the G17/17L, G19/19X, G26 and G34 series but, like the 33-shot classic, will extend past the magazine well. The body is double cut to work with a reversed magazine catch such as on Gen4 models.
Already listed on sites such as Brownells and GunMag Warehouse since late July, the new “double-dozen” mag runs seems to about $35 when in stock and is sure to be popular with those with carbine builds that use a magwell set to run 9mm Glock magazines. Also,


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