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By Daniel Terrill

What a strange looking flag.
A Massachusetts federal court held its first hearing last week for a 2-year-old personal injury case in which a Glock pistol allegedly blew up in a hunter’s hands.
The plaintiff, Rodney MacDonald, of Chester, filed the case against the gun maker and three other defendants, but in their answers to his complaint, they all lobbed allegations against each other.
The lawsuit brings claims against various participants in the supply chain, including Georgia-based Glock; retailer Cabela’s, of Sidney, Nebraska; ammo maker Buffalo Bore, of Salmon, Idaho; and distributor Guns and Gear, of Agawam, Massachusetts.
According to an amended complaint, MacDonald was injured during a hunting trip with his friends in December 2012 when a 10mm Glock handgun exploded. The lawsuit says the group stopped using rifles and decided to target shoot instead. MacDonald borrowed the pistol from a friend and fired two shots without incident, but the third shot blew apart the gun.
“The recoil and force from the exploding gun violently spun around the Plaintiff’s body and knocked him to the ground. Shrapnel from the gun struck the Plaintiff’s face and body,” the lawsuit says, adding MacDonald has “suffered great pain of body and anguish of mind, was unable to


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