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By Patriot Outdoor News

Do you think GLOCK caught wind of non-eligible buyers taking advantage of their Blue Label program?

The Trop Gun Shop is a Pennsylvania-based Internet gun seller. They recently sent an email blast to their customers advising them that GLOCK had “terminated” Trop’s participation in their Blue Label Program. That’s the discount deal (around $75 to $100 off msrp) Gaston’s mob offers sworn law enforcement officers; EMT’s, fire fighters, volunteer fire fighters and paramedics; military personnel; corrections officers (including Parole and Probation Officers), state licensed security companies; court judges, District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys; and LE Academy Cadets. Trop reports that GLOCK demanded a look at their customers’ 4473’s. Here’s their announcement . . .

Trop Response to Glock Blue Label Program Termination

Trop Gun Shop regrets to inform our customers that we will no longer be participating in the Glock Blue Label program. Effective immediately, Glock terminated us from the program for refusing to furnish access to our customers’ private information for the purposes of auditing by Glock employees. While it is regrettable that we will no longer be able to offer the benefits of the Blue Label program here at Trop, we absolutely refuse to compromise the sensitive information of …read more

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