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By Daniel Terrill

The Glock 17 Gen 5 on full display at the Glock company range in Smyrna, Gerogia. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/
The same but better. That’s the impression given about Glock’s new fifth generation of pistols — the G17 and G19 Gen 5 — released Friday at an industry trade show in Milwaukee.
“These weapons have made some material improvements over the previous generations. In my view, in my humble opinion, I believe that this Gen 5 has the potential to revolutionize the handgun market,” said Josh Dorsey, vice president of Glock, during a media demonstration at the company’s facility in Smryna, Georgia, last month.
The design functions and operates the same as before, but with upgraded components that are manufactured with newer standards in mind. Dorsey explained the Gen 5 performance exceeds the “benchmark for material liability for small arms,” which is 11,000 plus rounds, and even had one test gun fire 30,000 rounds without stoppage.
“I’m really excited about these kind of reliability numbers because anybody whose been shot at knows how important that is because you pull a handgun you know you’re in deep shit,” Dorsey said. “Ok. The gun’s gonna go off.”
The major feature changes include the addition of a Glock marksmanship


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