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By Justin Stakes

Glock 30 SF Handgun

by Emily R
For women, the Glock 30 SF Handgun is incredibly reliable , easy to maintain, and not to mention it is one sexy looking handgun…

Glock 30 SF Handgun
Emily R
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USA -( The Glock 30SF was my first handgun. I had a few requirements when I first started shopping.

I wanted something extremely versatile that would cover all my bases, ­something I could enjoy taking out to the range, but that was also compact enough to be comfy in my small hands. But as my first handgun and, thus, primary self ­defense weapon, it also needed to have major stopping power.

This is the part where I should mention, I also only wanted a Glock.

I had shot several makes of semiautomatic handguns and I was convinced (and still am) a Glock was the best choice for me.

Glock 30 SF Handgun

I fell in love with the design of the Glock 30 SF Handgun. The compact size is visually appealing, and it is perfectly balanced front to back when in your hands, er, my hands (small women’s). The SF model slightly reduces the circumference …Read the Rest

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