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By Gregory Smith


The following is from 44 Firearms, a company that specializes in Gun Trust, Gun Maintenance Service Plans, and FFL Transfers.

The Glock series of pistols may not have been the first polymer frame semi auto, but they brought the concept to mainstream attention. Since the explosion of Glock’s popularity, everyone has brought a polymer pistol to the market. Glock has pretty much produced a polymer pistol for every size and popular caliber out there, well, except 22 long rifle. These pistols have been widely issued to police and military forces around the world, and have become popular on the civilian market as well. Glocks are extremely popular weapons throughout the world.

Well, almost all Glocks are popular. One of the most underrated Glocks is the model 29. The Glock 29 is subcompact 10 mm handgun, designed for concealed carry. The 10mm may not be familiar to everyone, but it is the father of the 40 S&W, and is quite a powerful round. The Glock 29 is so lonely it does not have a single movie listing on the International Movie Firearms, Database.

The Glock 29 is listed as a subcompact, and is somewhat small, …read more

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