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By Justin Stakes

Glock 23 Pistol

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Glock 23 Pistol Review

Glock 23 Pistol
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

United States -( By 1989, officers in about 2000 police departments in the United States were carrying around 150,000 Glock pistols.

1990 was when production began on the model that I ended up purchasing in the Spring of 1991 as my first pistol, the first generation Glock 23. At the time I had no savings, but wanted to be able to protect myself from criminals, so I charged it on a credit card. It cost a reasonable $399.00.

Here are my reasons for buying this particular model Glock 23 Pistol in .40 Caliber:

1. I wanted a semi-auto because a six-shot revolver was not my idea of protection if a poor boy could have only one gun, and if there were ever multiple attackers. But I knew that semi-autos sometimes jammed, so reliability was of primary importance. I was aware that many police departments carried Glocks, so that spoke volumes to me about reliability.

2. .40 cal was desired in order to have a little more power than the 9mm parabellum round.

3. At least a 4″ barrel length was preferred.

4. The firearm had …Read the Rest

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