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By Brian Seay

A $30 pair of camera glasses helped convict a South Carolina man who was sentenced Wednesday to 35 years behind bars for shooting a police officer four times.
Malcolm Antwan Orr, 29, was found guilty of attempted murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime after a two day trial, according to the Jasper County Sun Times.
The conviction stems from a New Year’s Day incident last year in which Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith responded to a suspicious persons call. When he arrived, he turned on the camera glasses he bought on Amazon and confronted Orr, who ignored the officer.
“Come here,” Smith can be heard saying in the video to Orr, who turned around and walked away, still talking on his cell phone.
Smith follows Orr, who continues to walk away. The officer tells him several times to take his hand out of his pocket, and then threatens to use his Taser. About 40 seconds after stopping to confront him, Orr can be seen pulling a 9 mm handgun from his pocket, pointing it at Smith, and firing.
Several rounds go off, and Smith frantically yells “shots fired” into his radio. Several more rounds are fired and Smith


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