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By Chris Eger

Just look at all those baffles… (Photo: Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West)
The Cody Firearms Museum has an extensive collection of historic arms and they recently got a special look at one of their original “Silencers.”
The pre-NFA vintage firearm suppressor brand named by its inventor, Hiram Percy Maxim, was x-rayed by the Cody Police Department while the agency was on hand at the Wyoming-based museum this month to verify that some ordnance at the center was inert.
The M1910 Maxim Silencer is attached to the threaded barrel of a Springfield 1903 in the Cody’s collection.
(Photo: Cody)
You see between 1908 and 1910, the Army’s Ordnance Bureau purchased 100 Maxim models in .30 caliber as well as another 100 from a chap named Mr. Robert A. Moore. Both of these were by default the M1910 Silencer in the Army’s parlance.
The Moore (top) compared to the Maxim on a U.S. M1903. (Photo: Springfield Armory NHS)
Tests of the Maxim at the School of Musketry found the Silencer gave the following advantages:
(1) The lesser recoil of the rifle with Silencer operated in two ways: It greatly facilitated instruction of recruits in rifle firing. It materially lessened the fatigue of the soldier


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