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By GDC Staff

When shopping for the shotgunner in your life, nothing says happy holidays quite like a box of ammo; but with plenty of loads available it’s a bit overwhelming narrowing down the best options. Don’t worry, though, has you covered with some of our top picks for shotgun ammo.
1. Federal Black Cloud TSS
Federal’s Black Cloud TSS opts for a Tungsten Super Shot, hence the TSS moniker.
Federal Black Cloud TSS is generating quite the buzz among shotgun shooters for its Tungsten Super Shot flavor of the popular Black Cloud variant. Loaded with 60-percent TSS and 40-percent FliteStopper Steel, Black Cloud TSS makes use of FliteControl Flex wad for efficient patterns beyond 50-yards.
Grab a box of Black Cloud TSS for around $30.
2. Winchester Super X
Winchester Super X has been in production since the early 1990s.
Churning out Super X since 1922, Winchester has infused quality and performance into its shotgun ammo line. Available in a variety of gauges to include 10-, 12-, 16, 20- and 28-gauge as well as .410, Super X introduces variants into the lineup to account for deer and bird hunters.
Priced around $10 per box, Winchester Super X is a great stocking


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