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By David Codrea

Gun Grabber Andrew Gillum
Gun Grabber Andrew Gillum

U.S.A. – -( “Police Photos From Scene of Overdose Incident Involving Florida Dem Andrew Gillum Reveal Crystal Meth, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs,” The Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday. “Police were called in the early hours of March 13 by one of the men, who told officers he arrived in the room to find Gillum vomiting in the bathroom and a second person non-responsive on the bed.”

Falling back on the old standby of those who are caught red-handed, Gillum uttered some weasel-worded BS dragging his family further into the humiliating mess of his creation, and, of course, announced he was doing rehab. Tell me if this had been you or me in this situation—which of course it would not have been—that any treatment wouldn’t have been conducted inside a facility with bars.

Naturally, he was not arrested. From the looks of reports, police let him go home “without incident,” meaning they were aware of who Gillum was and behaved themselves accordingly.

This was the man who was almost elected governor of Florida, the chief executive responsible for ensuring laws were upheld. Had he been elected, he’d have worked to criminalize …Read the Rest

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