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By Jacki Billings

Every mom deserves love, attention and great gun gifts this holiday season. After all, she did a lot of work to get you here (just don’t remind her of that). Choosing a gift tailored to your type of mom may seem difficult, but that’s why is here to help.
We’ve narrowed some solid gun and gear choices based on our favorite mom archetypes.
Concealed Carry Karen
(Graphic: Jacki Billings)
Concealed Carry Karen is all about the mama bear life. Ready to protect her cubs from any threat, CC Karen meets danger head-on. With threat level always set to condition yellow, she’s the mom with her back to the wall scanning for threats.
Though CC Karen has awareness in abundance, she often lacks training. A great gift to offset her killer concealed carry collection, is a class a two focused on prepping for the unexpected. We recommend Citizens Defense Research’s Contextual Handgun Course to help groom skills while also learning how to manage bystanders, like kids, in the process. While you’re at, throw in a basic CPR/First Aid course or really impress her with a Civilian Medical Trauma Class. Taught by We Like Shooting’s Shawn Herrin and Skinny Medic Dietrich Easter, this class covers all


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