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By David Codrea

But they’re not gun-grabbers. Really. And if you oppose them, you’re a bully. And a liar. Just ask the token ATF careerist flack. (Giffords/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “I’m … a proud gun owner who has sometimes been mischaracterized as a gun grabber, first in my career in service to my country and now as an advocate for gun safety,” Giffords Senior Policy Advisor and former ATF Special Agent David Chipman argues in a hit piece on Second Amendment Sanctuary City supporters at the Roanoke Times.

“This November I was proud to join millions of other voters who made gun violence prevention the defining issue of the 2019 elections,” he explained. “But this move towards gun safety also angered some fringe groups and activists and led them to embrace conspiracy theories and intimidation tactics that remind me of threats I heard while at ATF.”

Evidently, the belief that Virginia Democrats are on a gun-grab tear is tin foil hat material. Citizens who refuse to submit to infringements and who join together in “sanctuary” movements, that is, all the “green” areas, are “fringe groups.” And if you say you’ll defy the initiation of violence …Read the Rest

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