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By Ben Philippi

A nice wild hog hunted by author Kristin Alberts. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
Wild pigs aren’t just a problem in the southern US, with Canada reporting feral pigs over 600 pounds wandering its lands and building “pigloos” in the winter to stay warm. (This adds a whole new meaning to “Canadian bacon.”)
These northern monsters are descendants of wild boars imported from Europe to Canada during the 1980s and 90s. Over the years, some inevitably escaped their pens while others were released by farmers after the boar meat market cooled. These boars began breeding with escaped domestic pigs, introducing wild pigs into the population. 
There were doubts surrounding the pigs’ ability to survive in Canada’s cold climate; the wild pigs not only survived, but they increased their body size and fat levels to stay warm. While pigs south of the border can reach 350 pounds, pigs up north have been recorded at over 600 pounds!
Perhaps most unique to the Canadian pigs is their building of pigloos in the winter. They cut down cattails and use them to build mounds in which they shelter to stay warm on really cold days. 
They sport sharp tusks and bristly coats of thick,


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