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By Jacki Billings

The PIG FDT-Charlie gloves are a great addition to shooting gear. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
There are often times when shooting gloves are needed on range. Whether that’s to protect hands during inclement weather shooting or just to save palms from aggressive stippling, shooting gloves are an essential item in every range bag. As a petite shooter, it can be a struggle to find gloves that fit well and still allow for dexterity in order to efficiently operate firearms.
PIG Gloves aim to do just that, offering the FDT-Charlie model to petite shooters looking for a glove that truly fits. got our hands on a pair and decided to give the PIG FDT-Charlie Gloves a go to see just how well the perform on small hands.
The basics
The Full Dexterity or FDT-Charlie gloves aren’t just a trimmed down take on men’s sizes.  has worked alongside professionals to ensure that women’s needs are met with a dexterous design created for female shooter’s grips. The PIG team teamed up with sports-glove industrial designers to create sizing that better works with women’s hands while still offering the most-loved features from PIG’s tactical gear series.
The FDT-Charlie provides a single layer multi-piece palm paired with flex joints for


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