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By Becky Yackley

Getting Started in 3-Gun

Everyone seems to have a favorite shooting discipline, something that speaks to them, but there is one discipline that everyone should try – 3 gun. Why? Because 3 gun teaches you not just shooting and marksmanship skills, but life skills, and critical thinking skills. Participating in 3 gun also teaches you about managing multiple tasks at the same time, under pressure and with people watching – the sort of thing that can cause even the most steady adult to get the jitters in “real life.”

Getting Started
How do you get started shooting 3 gun? First, you need to find a match. There are match listings on Enos Forums under m ultigun announcements. You can also find matches on Facebook, under 3 Gun Information and Events, or 3 Gun Major Match Announcements. But how do you know which you want to shoot?

Consider your skill level—are you a novice shooter, just a plinker and do you want to learn more? Then you should look into club matches and smaller events or league matches where you will be welcomed and usually introduced to the sport by local shooters, and have a chance to learn without …Read the Rest

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