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By Ammoland

TT-30 Pistol

By Peter Uliano

C&R FFL License
Peter G. Uliano
Peter G. Uliano


Tula Tokarev TT-30 Pistol

I also was broke as hell when I first got it so I did not purchase anything at all until April 2016 and my first purchase was a 1953 Romanian Tokarev which is Romania’s version of the Russian TT-30. I paid only $234 including shipping to have this powerful unique handgun chambered in 7.62×25 delivered right to my apartment door. As a bonus shipped separately they included some corrosive surplus ammo.

It is a very fun gun to shoot and mine is in excellent condition and even has matching serial numbers on the receiver and slide.

All in all the process would have been fast and painless if I did not make such a stupid mistake but none the less it was all worth it to have some unique firearms delivered right to me such as Nagants, SKS’s, Tokarevs and more.

It is worth noting that “Firearms automatically attain C&R status when they are 50 years old.” As per the ATF website.

Some newer firearms are available as well if the ATF determines they have collector value to them.

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