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By Bob Owens


I have a small confession to make: I really dig a lot of what Ted Nugent has to say.

He is an outspoken conservationist. I’m envious of how deeply in touch he is with the great outdoors. When he’s at his best, he reminds me that I spend way too much time away from the affirmation of life that is hunting, fishing, and trapping.

I smile to myself when his in-your-face attitude and unapologetic love of our natural rights to armed self defense causes gun control supporters to quake with rage as their shallow emotional arguments fall on deaf ears. It’s simply glorious to watch “Uncle Ted” at his best.

The thing is, Nugent has been on a real tear lately of saying things that are far from “his best.” These weren’t off the cuff statements, taken out of context. He has deliberately chosen and re-posted vile content unworthy of both the Ted Nugent I like so much, and by extension, the National Rifle Association, where he is among our most public members of the Board of Directors.

In February, he posted a disgusting meme commonly shared on anti-Semitic and white nationalist conspiracy sites, asserting that gun …Read the Rest

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