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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Rinehart Turkey Decoy
Rinehart Turkey Decoy
Rinehart 3-D Targets
Rinehart Targets

JANESVILLE, Wis. -( Rinehart Targets continues to diversify the Doloma Decoy line with the introduction of the Spot & Stalk Turkey Decoy. A product built for an extremely action-packed method of hunting.

Run-and-gun turkey hunting continues to grow in popularity each and every year. Spot and stalk decoys and turkey fans have been an effective technique, but they’re typically bulky, hard to manage and ineffective on weary birds due to their un-natural appearance.

The Rinehart Spot & Stalk Turkey Decoy is the solution.

“A lot of thought was put into the Rinehart Spot & Stalk Turkey Decoy,” stated James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “There isn’t a decoy of its kind that has the realism that this product displays, all while having the necessary features to be extremely user friendly in the field.”

This life-size decoy is hand-painted and professionally sculpted for an ultra-natural appearance. Its Rinehart foam construction allows the decoy to be extremely quiet when in the presence of a turkey’s keen sense of hearing.

The decoy is UV resistant allowing its perfect appearance to remain effective over long periods of time. It also sports an easy-stack design for simple storage as …Read the Rest

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