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By Robert Farago

An eagle-eyed bi-lingual reader spotted a story in reporting that the German government has confiscated legally held firearms from members of German biker gangs. Gangs? Google translate calls them “rockers.” Like this: “The members of the Bandidos MC Rocker groups, Gremium MC, Hells Angels MC and MC Outlaws will revoked the previously existing weapons permit due to the new legal situation, the Ministry continued to communicate. Altogether it involves about 600 persons who thus have to give weapons that they have previously possessed legally . . .

Also knife or pepper sprays must be delivered.

The prohibitions should also apply to dangerous objects – such as alarm guns, cutting and thrust weapons, batons and combat knives as well as pepper spray and stun guns. For this was a “concerted action between police and weapons authorities” have been agreed. The reaction is, however, expensive: Police report all known rockers local authorities weapons.

Earlier in the Der Spiegel article, it reveals (unsurprisingly) that the confiscation is entirely proactive. What’s German for “The Department of Pre-Crime”? Abteilung Pre-Kriminalität. Other German words spring to mind, but Godwin’s Law will not herein be invoked. Meanwhile . . .

We’re still waiting for an indication of …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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