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By Sara Tipton

Winchester model 353 .177 caliber target-grade spring action pellet gun. Made in Germany (courtesy

“Germany says it is extending border controls along its frontiers for a further three months due to continued high numbers of refugee arrivals,” reports. “Almost 1.1 million people entered Germany last year to apply for asylum. Most came through the country’s southern border with Austria.” Causing some major problems with crime, including sexual assaults on German women. And so Germans are applying for small arms licenses in record numbers. As Breitbart there’s one problem with that stat . . .

The small arms licences being issued now in such great number only cover firearms such as blank firing pistols, and deterrent self-defence pistols. Rather than firing live shells, the gas guns which are indistinguishable from from their live-firing equivalents use an explosive propellant to fire a concentrated cloud of CS gas at an attacker.

And wouldn’t you know it? Some German politicians are unhappy with even this limited nod to personal self-defense.

Once a licence has been acquired, there is no limit or checks on the acquisitions of these small guns, a “loophole” Ms. Mihalic has called to close. The Green Party MP has also called for controls on simple self-defence articles such as pepper spray, …Read the Rest

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