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By Tom Knighton

As a Georgian, I tend to take a very biased look at Georgia gun news. I think everyone does that to some degree with their local news. After all, state gun laws are the ones most likely to affect us.

However, gun laws in other states rarely stay put. One state passes a law and lawmakers in other states look at it and think, “This is a hell of an idea.” That’s why Florida’s law that raises the age limit on purchasing a long gun is now the law in places like California and Washington (though that was through a screwed up ballot initiative).

Yet that also flies in the other direction as well. One popular pro-gun initiative going around is constitutional carry, the idea that you shouldn’t be required to have a piece of paper that gives you government permission to exercise your Second Amendment rights.

Now, in Georgia, that debate is set to kick off with this new legislative session.

A new year brings a new session under the Gold Dome.

Legislators are just weeks away from officially starting things off at the statehouse, and some proposed bills are already getting attention.

One could shake up Georgia’s gun laws.

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