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By Tom Knighton

Stand Your Ground laws get a lot of attention these days. They have for quite some time now.

The thing is, most people don’t understand what the law means. They think it empowers people to shoot anyone they think is “scary,” or even the more ridiculous “it lets white people shoot black people.”

However, Dougherty County, Georgia District Attorney Greg Edwards took the opportunity to explain Stand Your Ground laws, recently.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards said because of recent crimes committed, it’s important for people to understand when it’s appropriate to act in self defense and when it’s not.

The district attorney said this law, called “Stand Your Ground Law,” has been around for years, but some people may be confused about when to use deadly force when in a dispute or when a victim of a crime.

“Stand Your Ground” means you can defend yourself wherever you are, only if deadly force is brought against you, Edwards said.

This means if a person comes to you looking to kill or cause bodily harm, you can defend yourself.

Georgia enacted its Stand Your Ground law in 2006. Before that, Edwards argues that there was a duty to retreat, though I seem to …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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