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By Tom Knighton

Currently in the state of Georgia, there’s a delay from when you apply for your concealed carry permit to when you actually get it. In most counties, it’s not an awful wait, but it’s still a wait. For most, it’s an annoyance. Yet if you’re someone who needs a permit because of a threat to your life, that wait can feel like an eternity.

That’s where constitutional carry comes in. With it, there’s no delay. If you’re legally able to carry a gun, you can do so without a permit. Period.

In Georgia, there’s a bill to bring constitutional carry to the state.

Right now, a former crime victim is pushing for its passage, too.

A metro man who said he and a friend were ambushed by two attackers said he wants others to be able to fight back like he did.

urveillance video obtained by Channel 2’s Matt Johnson shows the moments on Nov. 1, 2018, when the man was able to get his gun and start shooting at the men who ambushed him.

The shooting happened the same day he got his concealed carry permit.

I just really had to get my handgun out and put them on their …Read the Rest

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