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By Jeremy S.


CZ’s Scorpion EVO was TTAG’s editor’s choice for best new gun of 2015. Of course, the Scorpion EVO was designed for use with a shoulder stock and had a couple of features that weren’t ideal when configured in pistol form. We all know about the less than comfortable right-side safety lever, but one of the reasons it’s in the way is actually the grip. The factory grip has a fairly severe angle to it, which feels okay if the gun is far from your shoulder but just doesn’t work when it’s up close. Cue Yeti Wurks with what I believe were (or still are) the first two aftermarket Scorp grips available . . .

As you can see in the lead photo, both of Yeti Wurks’ grips have a noticeably more vertical angle to them when compared to the factory unit. This is more comfortable for nearly all shooters when presented with this style of pistol, which you tend to hold with the grip only ~a foot away from your chin, or with a short length of pull rifle, which is going to accurately describe most Scorpions in SBR form.

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