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By Chase Welch

To date, I am not aware of a product that Unity Tactical has released that has been anything other than stellar. The ATOM slide is certainly no exception. The ATOM came into existence when the U.S. military had a requirement to run Aimpoint T1s on Glock service pistols. The problem presented by this need was unique because the T1 mounts with screws from the bottom, so a standard slide cut done in the same way as an RMR cut would not work in this case. Thus the ATOM was born.
It’s a one of a kind system for mounting many optics to the same Glock slide by using specific base plates, which no one was doing at the time, though common enough today. Unity Tactical gave USSCOM customers the ability to use a range of optics. Needless to say, members of USSCOM always love being able to use the right tool for the job, and the ATOM slide was very well received by the military community.
With the Aim Point T1 (the optic the side was designed for) installed on the ATOM slide you will get a lower one third co-witness with the included suppresser height blacked out sights. (Photo: Chase Welch/


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