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By Noah Alkinburgh

A flashlight belongs in your every day carry. This statement often gets me some very weird looks. Replies people give usually follow along the lines of “Why would I carry a flashlight?” and “I’ll just use my phone.” Hopefully this will address these questions and help you understand why you should include a flashlight as part of your EDC.
Why Carry a Flashlight?
Outside of my phone, keys, and wallet, my flashlight gets used more than any other EDC item I carry. If you’ve ever dropped a small item under a car or your desk you will understand the benefit of having a light in your pocket. Even in broad daylight or a well-lit room a flashlight is handy. This is extremely practical and helpful, but if really needed your phone can fill this role. The flashlight starts to really “shine” (pun totally intended) when you find yourself in low light situations.
Hands free use of an EDC light is a real plus in many situations. (Photo: Noah Alkinburgh/
While I could list myriads of practical situations that a flashlight helps, lets focus here on the safety and security aspects of a flashlight. A flashlight can be used as an impact weapon as a


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